#90 Chasing dreams

When it comes to dreaming, I am at the top of the field. Born with a kind of crazy mind, I create the most astounding stories in my head. Well, this doesn't only help me to have a lot of fun, or studying more effective, but I also benefit from the realistic pictures in my... Continue Reading →

#89 The golden rules of success

This is a part of Project W (double you) Success in the term of reaching your goals is relatively easy to achieve. Nevertheless, a lot of people struggle with this in life. 1 Start The best time to start with changing your life is right now. This is not just a saying, but actually the... Continue Reading →

#88 Change

After talking about my last day at work yesterday, this means that I will have more time for the really important things in life. At least from my perspective. Today I was driving to my new university, got my student ID card and the keys to my apartment. Having the luxury, that my new university... Continue Reading →

#86 The value of honesty

In the modern 21th century, there is no space for errors. Everything needs to be done in perfection, at work, or in our private life's. We grow up with this particular mindset of not being allowed to make any mistakes and we have absolutely no chance to get out of this system! Don't make mistakes!... Continue Reading →

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