#124 Halloween 🎃 – Help! Does someone hear me? 😱 😧

Once a year, People “celebrate” Halloween. Do I understand this? No! Not at all! But do I care? Actually, no. For me, Halloween is just not going into my head. Why should I take a pumpkin and try to be creative? Why should I mask up like a witch or death eater when I try all year around to look good? This is just nothing for me. But hey, that is so wonderful about life, right? Everyone can do what they want. And as long as people have fun, why not!

https://cdn.abcotvs.com/dip/images/4512535_101818-kfsn-dig-shutterstock-halloween-img.jpg?w=1280&r=16%3A9 31.10.2019; 9:11

Following the trend and celebrate it? Nothing for me! But hey! Why do I even write this post? Got you! You are already following the trend. Trying to get the interest of people by choosing a “hot topic”. Mhhh…

What would it take, to make Halloween interesting for me?

Ok, there needs to be cars involved. Lots of them. Maybe doing a car show where the cars are not clean and in perfect condition, but rather dirty, half broken down and with scratches? Maybe even include some Halloween typical items like fake blood, pumpkins or ghosts? And then driving around at midnight in a convoy? Or hunting and chasing another car down? Like a scavenger hunt? Where you need to drive to certain locations, solve riddles and do tasks? And then getting frightened by fake cops and police cars?

That would be something I would like to join, but just going to a party and accept the new reason why I should drink alcohol? Ah, I am not so sure about that. But maybe I am just different and strange 🙂

But anyhow, if you are going to a Halloween party, enjoy! Talk with strangers, ask questions and have a good time. For me, I guess I will not even notice what kind of day we have. I will be at home, spending my time with the usual sport, racing, writing and studying, while in between going to the dentist and the hairdresser. Too much information? You are right! Forget the dentist 🙂

Next year, people will celebrate Halloween again. Maybe I have changed until then and actually celebrate it? I mean, you never know. Even if the chances are rather low, one whole year is a lot of time. Maybe I will have a girlfriend that is forcing me to join a party. Oh, haha, that is very unlikely, because you need to have girlfriend first 🙂 And this means investing time I do not have, or to be political correct, need to do cutbacks in other parts of my life 🙂 haha, but as I already said, you never know. That is the funny thing about life. You change faster then you think. Just one decision, and you are off the track, running in the opposite direction.

So, if an old witch, or a death eater wants to kiss you tonight, think about this, one decision can change your life, transform it into something even better or making it worse. Good luck with that!

See you next time!

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