#259 I write a book 🙈 – Introducing my new project

As already mentioned in my post #257 two days ago, my semester start has been postponed until the 20th of April, which gives me 5 more weeks where I have literally nothing to do.

Well, if someone knows me quite well, they know that this is nothing for me. Just sitting around and wasting my time? No! That’s not cool! That is too hard for me! I can’t do that.

Having thought about this new project for quite some time already, I have officially started to work on this new project on Tuesday.


Or should I rather say, THE BOOK? I decided that it is finally time to take the next step in this project and write this book I had in mind for quite some time.

Sure, you want to know what it is all about and why I do this and when it will be finished and so on. Therefore, I will use the next couple of weeks and month to answer all you questions. Instead of just writing this thing offline and telling you in the end that I am finished, I want to take you with me on the adventure. I want you to follow me on my journey and find out what it is all about.

From the emotional rollercoaster of my feeling and mindset, to the business decisions I need to make. From the hour long writing sessions, to the design ideas and illustrations.

From the first idea until the finished book.

I will just share with you everything there is to share, everything you need to know and everything there is to know. I will give you the insights you normally do not get when someone writes a book. I want to share with you this project in such a way, that you can learn form my mistakes and profit from the experience I will gather over the time I will work on this new project.

As always in my blog, I hope, that this will in fact inspire you to finally take the next step and start off with your own project as well!

I came up with the idea to add something like a little diary inspired documentation about the complete process to the blog, while of course picking certain topics one at a time and dealing with that in the normal blog style fashion.

Therefore, the following represents the start of the project so far.


Saturday, 07. 03. 2020
Reflected on my current life and planned the next steps for this year. Book idea gets a high priority, but don’t want to start one week before the new semester kicks off. Start of the book maybe in August, but master thesis will start in October… I am not sure what I should do.
(1h) & (0 words) into the project.

Sunday, 08.03.2020
Summarized the current book idea after having a conversation with a friend on the phone. I really like the idea, but I need to find a way how to structure the book.
(3h) & (30 words) into the project.

Tuesday, 10.03.2020
A friend sends me the link to the official announcement. The semester start will be postponed until the 20.04.2020 due to the corona virus. I switch off my racing simulator and discuss the opportunity with myself. One minute self talk, then it is clear. I will do it right now. Started off with the writing process in the evening.
(8h) & (2000 words) into the project.

Wednesday, 11.03.2020
Getting up in the morning, writing my daily blog before working on the book until the evening. Structure of the book created with a mind-map. Figuring out the right order of the topics will be a continuous process. 3 hours racing simulator before getting to bed.
(18h) (10000 words) into the project.

Thursday, 12.03.2020
Basically the same. Getting up, writing my blog, writing my book, racing simulator, good night.
(28h) (14000 words) into the project.

Friday, 13.03.2020
Getting up, writing my daily blog, writing my book. Some racing and eating in between.
(36h) (18000 words) into the project.

For sure, I will talk about the actual topic of my book during the process, but currently I don’t want to share the idea with everyone, I guess, you will understand that. But the topic is mainly focusing on the same stuff I am doing with my blog.

Well, I guess, now it is up to you. Do you like this idea so far? Do you already have some questions or topics you would be interested in hearing more about? Have you written a book by yourself and can give me any kind of advise? Just share your thoughts with me, please! Thank you!

See you next time!

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