#350 Three-hundred fifty days of daily blogging

Yes, I am still there and still writing every single day!

Writing every single day, the best decision in my life so far.

Do I want to sell you the dream? Write about my orgasmic like flow state morning sessions in front of my MacBook every single day? I guess this would be the thing you expect, but no! This is not what this post is all about.

Writing a daily blog? This means having disciple. But we tend to need discipline in other subject areas of life as well.

Either you love doing it, or you should rather do something else.

Having a blog, this rule might be more important than any other. If you do not enjoy the process, you will not be able to continue doing it. If you do not like creating new things and be creative, why don’t you do something else? If you do not strive for moving on in life, hell no! Don’t start a blog!

Writing for the sake of writing? Writing for the pure enjoyment of the process? Writing as a kind of method to calm down? To dive into a different world? A world that you can create on your own? Sounds actually pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

People out there are having the wrong attitude towards life. They work in order to get money. They study in order to get a higher paid job. In fact, so many people do not really do what they love, but instead what they think is a good idea to make money in the end.

But is this really how life is supposed to be? Is this really the secret to success? The path one should take?

I was one of them! But luckily I changed! Sure, money is a great thing to have. But money is not everything.

The problem? There are only two ways how to position yourself in this society. Either you are striving for the money and be this egoistic and unfriendly person, or the complete opposite. The barefoot walking tree hugger, a society dropout.

But wait a minute! What’s about the field in between? Why can’t I have money without being this money focused creature? Why can’t I drive a Porsche for the sake of enjoying this, without the need to explain myself to the world around me? People like to criticize, to envy, to compare. They love to talk things down, make you feel miserable and declare your projects to be failed.

Who can tell me if my blog is good or bad? The readers? Other bloggers? Experts from the world of writing?

In life, we love to compare ourself with the world. Who has the higher paid job, the faster car, the bigger house? And with our blog projects, we do the very same thing. Who has more follower? Who has more likes? Who has more clicks?

Statistic after 350 days of daily blogging

  • Posts: 350
  • Words: 249500
  • Follower: 126
  • Likes: 397
  • Clicks: 7142
  • Visitors: 1802
  • Time: 851 h
Visitors from 54 different countries

But is life really all about this? Is a less frequently visited website bad and another one with thousands of clicks every single day good? From my point of view, no! This can’t be true!

My suggestion? Don’t look at the world like this!

My blog doesn’t define itself by the visitors and clicks I get. Why? Because I simply don’t care! Call me an egoist, but I have goals to reach! I can’t sit around every single day and worry about my blog statistic. I rather spend my time on the other things in my life.

This blog project is primarily helping me!

This blog is helping me to move on. This blog allows me to constantly reflect. To travel back in time and see how I have proceed. Sure, if I can help you to move on as well, this would be the greatest thing. But is the blog really help people these days? I am not so sure.

With my book I currently write, this is something else. But my blog, I just write about the topics that I like. If you don’t like this attitude? Well, there are more then enough blogs out there.

Life is too short for wasting it with reading unimportant stuff.

Looking at my statistic, some people read what I share with the world. But how many adopt my suggestions? How many people actually change their lives? I guess, it is still a long long way to go, until my writing skills will allow me to transport the message in a better way.

People want to be famous, people want to be liked. But me? I do not even want that. In fact, I fear the day, when my book project will be done.

Writing and publishing a book? Oh god! What am I doing?!?!

The moment I write about blogging, my book or the like, the clicks and likes go through the roof. At least if I compare this to writing about Porsches, racing, or reaching goals in life. But do I change my topics because of that? No! Of course not!

If you define your success through likes and clicks, why don’t you start building up a network. Take ten minutes everyday and like and follow everything you see! This will give you more attention! At least that is what I can imagine and people are doing this, believe me.

But honestly, this is not the kind of attention that I want! I rather invest the time in something else. These days, people forget about the real things that matter in life.

I rather have a small community with friends that I can help, then a large group of people that don’t enjoy seeing me having success.

One day or another you will see the world with different eyes. One day or another you will see what life is all about. But until then, enjoy your life in the spiritual fogginess. It might be even better!

See you next time!


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