#441 The day I have reached 200 Followers with my blogšŸ„³

It was Wednesday evening at precisely 9:03 pm. I had finished my “after work program” already and was eating something when I got the notification!

What an awesome name, dude!


Right, my long time followers will already know what comes next! The moral lecture on “why the amount of follower is not important anyways“, right? But no! Not today! Today I simply want to enjoy the moment! 200 followers! That’s actually quite impressive! Just imagine standing on a stage in front of 200 people! That’s quite a lot of people actually!

Being not a member of the social media or instagram games, I guess it doesn’t seem to be fair to compare my project with all the others out there, but sure, I may just say that because I have not attracted the masses yet! It’s always easier to say something like this if you are just the small fish in the ocean, right? Sure, I do not give a fuxxxx about followers and stuff, but god does it feel good! The chemical reaction in my brain? PRICELESS! The feeling afterwards? BREATHTAKING! This becomes an addiction! You want more! More likes! More followers! More reactions! More comments! More dopamine! šŸ¤Ŗ

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

But sure, I guess we need to use the moment to state out something important! I want to thank my parents for supporting me reaching this outstanding achievement! šŸ™ˆšŸ˜‚ Just kidding of course! The real thing I want to say is this:

There is a difference between followers and followers!

And honestly, a lot of people out there seem to forget about this fact! We always think that the more you have of something the better. More followers, more likes, more horsepower! And sure, we can all see what a lack of something really means! For example a lack of horsepower!

#Ferrari #F1 #Season2020 #NoPower

But is the amount of horsepower really the only thing that matters? Of course not! You can have all the followers in the world, but if you can’t drive around the next corner, your race will be fuxxxx anyways Therefore, it’s not just important to have a lot of followers, but also to have the right kind of followers! The ones that are actually reading your stuff and giving you feedback! You need people that believe in your mission! That support you with everything you are doing. That try to help you to make this thing better day by day! These are the people that will speak about you, they will share your blogposts and ideas with the world. They will tell others about you! They will buy your merchandise, products and stuff.

These are the people that you really need for your project! But well, it seems like there is no statistic for that! Sure, you can try to assume how many people you have already found out there that are believing in you and your vision for a better future! But you can not say it for sure, right?

What’s the next goal?

Honestly, the next goal is 201 followers! I fight for every single person! Sure, it would be awesome to have just a lot of followers! Just assume I would have 100.000 followers. I guess Porsche would have already lend me their 911 fleet for the weekends, or Apple sent a free iPhone that I urgently need? Living the influencer life?! Oh god, I guess this wouldn’t be the thing I could do! Honestly, I am too “real” for that. I can not sell anything if I am not convinced that this product is indeed the best one in the world! Therefore, I would most likely badmouth all of these fancy products they will send me. But sure, come on! This is a blog and not an instagram account! They will not even send me stuff! They will just ignore this branch, right? This has no marketing potential in their eyes! They want to see likes and reactions on instagram and stuff!

My next goal? Hitting 201 followers! And after that, well, I guess 202, 203 and 204! But sure, you want to hear the long term goals! What about 911 followers? That would be a cool number! Or the year I was born? 1995? Or the amount my first Porsche will cost? Something between 30.000 and 100.000? I guess we will see!

Of course this will stay a daily blog!

Assuming that I am writing the only daily blog in the world that’s not called “daily blog” or has at least the words “daily” and “blog” in its name, I guess I will just continue with this writing rhythm! And honestly, it’s awesome! I learn so much! I improve so much! Thank god I started this project 441 days ago!

200 followers! Actually it feels really great to have reached this point already! Every time I am telling someone about my side project they think that it is just something really small and unimportant. But with 200 followers and more in the making, I guess I made it into the next level, don’t you think? At least it shouldn’t be embarrassing anymore to tell someone about it. I can clearly imagining them saying or thinking something like: “200 followers, that’s ok!

And sure, that’s anything we want, right? Satisfying other people! Doing exactly that, what others expect from us! Well, no thanks! Not for me! Honestly I don’t care about all of this! Sure, this is really selfish of me, but in the end this is the only thing that will matter at the end of my life. Have I lived the life I always wanted to live? Or have I lived my life in fear and pain?

I will reach my goals no matter what!

Thank you for supporting me, in case you are supporting me already! How can you support me? Well, you can start to actually change your life and make today count! You could figure out what your life is all about and become the person you always wanted to become! That’s all I want! Can you do that for me? Thank you!

You can do it if you believe you can!

Napoleon Hill

The old man was right! Who would have thought that I would have 200 followers one day? God, I love methods and strategies when they actually work! The law of attraction, baby! That’s all I am saying! Have a good one!

See you next time!

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