#501 ⚠️ The Blog statistic NO ONE HAS ASKED FOR ⚠️

⚠️↗️ As the tradition demands, here is the blog statistic you have not been waiting for! ↗️⚠️


As you can see, you can see nothing! The amount of clicks is not really getting any higher.


Oh no, it’s going back again! Please, tell others about this blog! The November needs be become a new all time high.


We can see the same effect over here… It seems like the October wasn’t that good…

The Blog in Numbers

HOURS: 1155
Average hours a day: 2,31
WORDS: 362374

Average words per post: 721
Average words per hour: 313,74
CLICKS: 10467
Average clicks per day: 20,93

Average visitors per day: 6,72
LIKES: 879

Average likes per day: 1,8

Average comments per day: 0,13

Average followers per day: 0,48

Where the community comes from

The top 10 countries my readers come from

1. Germany
2. India
3. USA
4. Greek
5. England
6. South Africa
7. Simbabwe
8. Austria
9. Italy
10. Ukraine

Because nobody has asked anything as usual 😂

How do you feel looking at those numbers?

To be honest with you, I am quite impressed. I mean, just look at all those hours I have spend with the project so far! Isn’t that impressive? Sure, it might be the easiest of things for me to endure something like this! But still! What a time commitment! I have an average of 2,31 hours a day! No wonder I have changed so much! I have spend quite some time with myself dreaming, acting and succeeding.

What has changed since the day one of the project?

Actually, not that much! I mean, sure! I have found some more regular readers and maybe reach out to more people than ever before. But this is still pretty much my little side project. The place where I can gather my thoughts, helping others to move on in life and get some of my daily motivation I need.

Do you want more readers?

Yes and no! On the one hand, sure, people will measure my success with numbers like that. “What, he has only 200 something followers? That can’t be good!” And therefore it would be great to have a lot more of them, but on the other hand this might also increase the pressure! People these days demand content, content and content! But not only that! It also needs to be good content! No! Excellent content! These days, I just write without even giving a fuxx. Maybe that will change with a couple of thousand people more waiting for 9:11 am every single day.

Why have you started to post your stuff every single day at precisely 9:11?

As some of you might know, I am a huge Porsche fan! In fact, I am such an enthusiast, every time it is 9:11 and I accidentally look at my phone, I need to take a screenshot! Therefore, I decided to use this magical number as the perfect time to post my stuff.

What will you do differently in the future?

With me getting better and better with this blog writing thing, I have a lot of ideas how to make this project become even more successful. But sure, there is also my book project in the back of my head and the master thesis I am currently writing. A lot of writing, don’t you agree? Well, why not, it makes just fun! But for sure, there are certain things on this blog that I need to change as soon as possible.

Thank you for the interview! Do you have some final words?

Well, thank YOU! Thank you for reading this every single day! I know, it must be quite stressful to find the 5 minutes that it takes. But next time you come up with that excuse, just go back to this blog post real quick! 2,31 hours a day! And you do not even have 5 minutes to spend with your loved ones? Looks like you are doing something wrong, my friend!

See you next time, as I always say!

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