#550 Fife hundred fifty Days of daily blogging! ­čą│

Who is surprised about me reaching this goal as well? Honestly, it was just a matter of time! Of course I would reach this step on my journey. That’s just what you get when you are continuously working on your goals. You reach them. One by one! As easy as that!

But blogging has become so much more to me than just the pure process of sitting there and writing something. Blogging means also to live a certain lifestyle. Sure, not in terms of being an influencer and traveling the world in a private jet or yacht, but rather in the way of constantly reflecting on your own doing, making your life better day by day. Call it the gym effect, if you want to. There are all those people watching you doing your thing, of course you want to show them that you know how shit is getting done and work your ass off while doing what you love.

Sometimes, people are just living into their days, not having any goals to reach, or anything else to do. They are just existing! That needs to be it! But where does such a behavior will lead you towards in life? The top of the world or the valleys of misery and doubt? The awesome thing about life is, that you do not need to do anything. In fact, you do not even need to participate. There is nothing you can achieve, there is nothing you need to achieve. Life is just a stupid game. Sure, we think that there are definitely some things on our list we need to do, like building a house, founding a family or having a secured 9 to 5 job, but honestly, life is not about stuff like this! It’s not about the car you drive, the hobbies you have, the way you spend your time. Your life is just about you. As long as you are satisfied with whatever you are doing, you live the perfect life. As easy as that.

Going to school we want the school to be over soon! Going to university, we want the very same thing! Having found a job, we want the next higher position in the hierarchy, earning even more money! And this goes on and on and on, until you will start looking forward to your retirement, your last journey to a certain place and stuff like this. But is life really all about this? Suffering the hell out of you and constantly seeking the next big thing in life? It’s your decision!

With this daily blog I write, I make every day count. Sure, I sound like a fortune cookie writer right now, but it is actually the truth. In a certain way, this daily blog is slowing my life down. Not because it’s the most boring thing to do, sitting here and writing these words for someone else to read, but instead, because I have a job to do! Every single day, I think and remind myself about the big questions in life.

Who are you? Why are you here? What is your task?

I am, like everyone else, looking for my mission in life. Sure, we claim that we have already received the missions protocol years ago, still working on it. But how can we make sure, that we are chasing indeed after the right things in life? How can I know if blogging is really the right thing for me to do? Is it the right thing for me to do? Is this the goal? Or is this blogging just the preparation. Should I practice the art of writing for a bigger goal? The book, a magazine, or whatever else? Or maybe I misunderstood something. Maybe my task was never to actually write a blog, but instead to read blogs more often?

In the end, we just never know what is the right thing for us to do. We just do something in life, whatever it is and hope that we will wake up one day, finally being satisfied with the outcome. Life is not about finding the truth! Life is about doing what you think is the best for you! And therefore, I sit here today again. Writing my daily blog in the best way possible. Is it a waste of time? Is it something that can never have success? Well, you will already know the answer, but please, don’t even dare to tell me. This is my journey! My life, my rules!

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If I decide that this thing will become a success, then it will become a success no matter what! Writing a daily blog, the best decision in my life so far.

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