#577 Hitting the 400 Followers barrier 🥳🍾

We hit the next magical number! 400 followers! 🥳🍾 Thank you!

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What does it mean for the blog?

Well, I guess not much. This blog is not intended to attract as many people as possible. Instead, it is targeting a special group of people. People that do not accept the norm, the standards, the way things are supposed to be in life. This blog is for people that are seeking for more. For people that dream, but do not want to stop there. It’s for people that that have a dream, but also the intension to turn this dream into reality. DREAM, ACT, SUCCEED! I guess that says it all.

But what does it mean for me personally?

Last time I checked, nobody wanted to give me something for free, so I guess it doesn’t mean much as well. Just kidding of course! For me, this is still something I can’t really grasp. I mean, that’s just me writing, come on! Why should people follow me anyways? I’m not even sharing my complete life online, or stuff like this. Should I? Well, I don’t think so. Your life might be even more interesting! And sure, at least in the last four weeks, I am just doing my master thesis day in day out. Not that interesting anyways!

400 followers and now?

We are marching on! Next stop, 500 followers! And with reaching the 500 follower barrier, I guess it’s time for a special! Maybe some more information about me. Maybe a possibility to ask questions? Well, we will see!

Have you thought you would become that successful?

Well, depending on the definition of successful, of course! Because I guess there are not many people out there who would call 400 followers a real success. But sure, I am different! For me, it is a huge success already! I wanted to help one single person and in fact helped more than one by now. So, successful! As easy as that! But anyways, this question is somehow difficult to answer. Sure, on the one side we are supposed to be moderate with what we are saying, right? We need to be humble and not straight forward with our expectations! What would you say if I tell you that all of this is just the beginning? What would you say if I tell you that I know exactly how far I will come with this project? In this life, you have a choice! You decide where you want to go. And well, I took the decision. Therefore, it’s not a question about what you want, or desire! It’s just the logical consequences out of your doing! What happens if you start writing every single day? Well, look at this blog, this is what is going on. You will improve! You will learn how to write. You will get to know yourself. You will think about things others do not even dream about. Have I expected this thing to become such a success story? Honestly, no! I did not! I was listening to this podcast and there it was. Seth Godin just planted this idea in my head. He said, go and have your own blog. Write every single day. Well, and this is what I do for the last 577 days. And honestly, life changing! Really! I guess they are supposed to pay me for this. But whatever you would need to pay for having your own blog is worth the money a thousand times. This is like your daily psychology session with yourself. This is a way how to get to know yourself and understand what’s going inside of your head.

Would you do it again in your next life?

If there is a next life which we do not know, I would definitely want to do it again. But who knows if blogging is a thing in the future! 🙂 Just kidding. Blogging will always be a thing if you claim it as such. We, the people, we let outside information too easily enter our own lives and change them quite frequently. You can see this in the fashion design, in politics, at work, or wherever you want to see it. But I do not know if that is really a wise thing to do. I mean, sure, our opinions change, our expectations change, we change. But how often should this process happen in life? I guess a yearly basis doesn’t sound that healthy, does it? I would do it again! But next time start a bit sooner! Maybe in the age of sixteen or so.

What do I get back out of the equation?

Well, it’s not money if you are thinking about this. In fact, this is just costing me money, time, nerves, energy, and so much more time. But the thing is of course, that we do not need to do stuff for the money all the time, right? Money is great, don’t get me wrong on this! And I am the last person on earth that would say something against having money. But the thing is, this whole world is build up on money. Everyone wants to earn their share! Sure! Why not! But it has an effect on life itself, right? We do not know whom we should believe, whom we can trust. Who is really trying to help us and who isn’t? Is whatever we think is going on really the thing that is going on? Or are we just locked down in our own tiny little bubble? At least until this point, I do not do it for the money. I do it for me and for you. Sure, it would sound better if you would come first. But sorry, you don’t! Sounds egocentric? Well, deal with it! That’s called life!

What do you get out of the equation?

Why should you read it, right? Is that what you are asking for? It’s quite easy. Whatever you are doing or want to do, there is always a pattern. There is always the same things that hold you back and slow you down. But life is not supposed to be like this. If you are following this blog for a while, you might have understood it already. Life is for living! But how do we do things? How do we reach goals? How do we change our life? How do we follow the path even though we do not even see it? This blog is a learning by doing kind of approach that is showing the way how I will do it. Is this the right thing for you? Well, I don’t know! Is this the right thing for me? Definitely! Because the moment I see that I need to change something, I just do that and change something!

Thank you all for reading, sharing, liking my blog. It’s great to receive a daily reminder that there are lots of people out there form around the world that are looking for a better life as well.

See you next time!

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