#609 TINY MIND – S1 E5 – Master thesis ✅

It is finally over. I did it! I finished the master thesis! The project I was working on for the last half year. Can you believe it? It’s over! I did it! YAY!!! 🥳🥳🥳

With the life hack to do not celebrate my bachelors degree one and a half years ago, my time at university went by pretty fast. Finally, I do not need to study for exams any longer. And honestly, it makes much more fun to study something without having a test waiting for you around the corner.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I got both my degrees in four and a half years, not that bad, is it? But what comes next? Some days off? Work? Retirement?

Well, we will see. But one thing is for sure, life will be much better now. I will finally have a lot of time to spend! But what should I do? Finish my book? Improve the blog? Just do nothing for a while? I guess I will do what I always do! I hustle from one thing to the other and finally focus on the things in life, I personally want to spend my time with.

But with the end of this chapter, uncertainty is in the air. Now I need to find a good job. A job that I like. A job that gives me everything that I need. Or should I create my own job? It’s an interesting thing. On the one hand, sure, I am ready to tackle everything that comes my way, but on the other side, I do not just want to treat my valuable time for money. That’s just not who I am. I do not even look for a job. I look for a possibility to do what I love. To be able to follow my passion wherever this is leading me in life.

Today, I reached the first big goal from my vision board! Yay! But honestly, it was just a matter of time, was it? Of course I will reach my goals one after the other! That’s just what I do! I never stop!

Life, I am ready for the next challenge!

See you next time!

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