It is time for a change so I change it.

The statistic clearly indicates, the blog doesn’t grow any longer! And guess what, I am the one responsible for that. I have started this project with no clue about what I was doing. But two years later in time I still haven’t learned the lessons that I should. The way I do the blog is just not interesting enough to follow.

Let’s face it, it is time for a change!

With the introduction of BLOG² I will make a clean cut and start all over again. The mission? Make this project worth reading. We all know about the importance of failing, but God damn it does it hurt. The blog project hasn’t failed, but I have failed. I have failed to accept the truth. I have ignored the signs, the feedback, the statistic. I have looked away! But those times are over.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


The new BLOG² needs to become everything the old one wasn’t. Easy to read, supportive in everyday life and most importantly worth following. Instead of helping just me, this time it will help each and everyone of us. The task isn’t an easy one, I know, but isn’t a real challenge everything we need?

Photo by Sourav Mishra on Pexels.com

Because the future of blogging is now.

Join the mission and hop on board, an exciting adventure is waiting for us. The new BLOG² style will be different! From now on all the blog posts will proudly wear the “²” icon after their number, representing the first evolution of the DREAMACTSUCCEED.blog. But this is of course not the only change. The blog needs to evolve and I need to evolve with it.

I am looking forward to the next important steps on our journey towards success. I, you, we! Honestly, I mean it! Thank you for reading! Thank you for following! Thank you for telling others about it! Thank you for being a part of this community for all those years.

See you next time!

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