The one man show!

It is true, I am alone! Not only relationship wise, but also here in the project. Can I keep up with the pace? The answer is undoubtedly yes! I am writing in a daily rhythm for over two years now and there is no reason for me to change that! In fact, it’s exactly this circumstance that makes it so attractive.

Everybody can do a blog, but who can do a daily blog?

I do not want to brag with my past achievements, but I need to make clear with what kind of a person you are dealing with. I am quite different compared to the average human being! And maybe it’s better to repeat this a couple of times. We all go through life with our unique perspective on things. Our mindset, lifestyle, that all needs to make sense. Not to everyone else out there on the planet, but at least to ourselves. It’s not a secret that we are getting born small, weak and insecure, but absorb the behaviors of others and allow our environment to sharpen our senses for what seems to be important.

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

And honestly, my youth was everything else from being out of the ordinary. In fact, until being 20 years old, everything was perfectly fine. I did what I was meant to do. I had a job, a girlfriend, everything. But well, life has its own plans. And so, things were about to change! I got lost in this game we all call life and struggled to find my way. Sure, from the outside I appeared to be fine, but on the inside, well, things were out of order.

I wanted to change this, therefore I changed it! I started to read, I started to write, I absorbed everything I could about life and how we, the people, should live it. I wasn’t a complete beginner, but changing my thinking was a long way. I changed! I started to understand! I realized that it’s true, we can in fact do everything we want. There is no goal too high or too far away. At least not as long as we do not stop. We learn so much at school, but so little about the really important things in life. True, for different people there are different things important and dealing with all of them is just not possible in some 10 to 12 years, but at least the basics, they could have taught us them.

I am on a mission! I have goals to reach! But we are all on our own missions and we all want to reach goals! The question is how do we reach them? How do we get there? Which techniques work and which don’t? For over two years now I am sharpening my tools. I am working on myself, 24/7. But people do not understand. I really do that! There is not a single thing in my life that I just do without knowing why? But even that is not enough! Everything that I do needs to get me closer to where I want to go. My life is completely dedicated for reaching my goals.

And this makes me what? Special? No! Everyone can do that! The only question is why don’t they do it? Why do so many people chose the unconscious life? Because it’s easier and more comfortable? Maybe! But this is not about them! This is about you! In this blog so to speak, I share with you the “how to” guide. But be aware about the consequences, because you will change your life no matter what!

See you next time!

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