The most important thing is you!

I always wonder why there aren’t thousand of books out there on the market focusing exactly on this, you, me, us! Because you are the most important person in your life and if you are not, well, then you have to change that! I know, it sounds selfish! It feels wrong! But at the end of the day, it’s the only option we really have.

There is a difference between knowing who you are and accepting who you are.

We all know who we are, at least the most of us do. But how many of us have accepted who we are? It sounds funny and sure it is, but do we really know who we are? We all manage to go through life some way or the other, but how many of us have accepted who we are? We all know that one particular person that doesn’t seem to understand. That person that doesn’t realize that this sport, or hobby or whatever it is, is just not the right thing for them. For us, it is obvious because it doesn’t effect us personally, but once our own life is on the line, well, how many of us can accept the truth?

Do not make the mistake of understanding this the wrong way! I am not saying that we can’t! We all can do anything! But anything doesn’t mean everything! Especially not at the same time! You can reach your goals! You can reach all of them! But you do not have unlimited resources! There comes a day when you need to leave this place. And once you are gone, well, life will go on without you. It’s sad but true! We can’t change it! That’s life, deal with it!

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Therefore, before you define your goals or do anything else in life, you need to stop distracting yourself from yourself and spend more time with yourself! I know, a bit too often the word “yourself”, but we need to understand! When we are ill, we go see the doctor and let them tell us what we have. But why don’t we feel it ourself? Why don’t we call the doctor, telling them exactly what we have and that there is no need for them any longer because our body will heal itself? It’s funny, but I always thought that the medicine we take makes us healthy again. I haven’t realized that actually, it’s us, our bodies.

You need to know yourself! You need to understand who you are! You need to know everything about yourself. Your weaknesses, your strengths, your mindset, the way you do stuff and the list goes on and on. If you make the mistake to start off too early into your new adventure, well, you will regret it later on life! Just imagine all those mistakes you can avoid! And therefore, start with yourself! Get to know yourself! Spend more time with yourself! Break through the barriers you have build up over time and dive deep into your past.

See you next time!

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