Of course I could go on like this forever, telling you how important it is to get to know yourself. But honestly, that’s not getting us anywhere. Therefore, I will not tell you, instead, you will tell yourself!

In the following you can see a long list of questions. But your task is not to answer those questions. Your job is it, to just read them one after the other and allow your brain to think. Well, doesn’t sound difficult, does it? Let’s go!

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  • What is your name?
  • Why is this your name?
  • Who gave you this name?
  • Why do you need a name?
  • Why do you have a name?
  • Why don’t you get rid of your name?
  • Why don’t you think about your name?

Got it? Good! We continue.

  • How old are you?
  • Why do you know how old you are?
  • Why do you keep track of your age?
  • Why do you start counting your age on your birthday?
  • Why do you ignore the time before your birth?
  • Why don’t you care?

Do you already notice a difference?

  • Who are your parents?
  • Why are they your parents?
  • Why do you have parents?
  • Why do you need parents?
  • Have you picked your parents?
  • Has someone picked your parents for you?

You still don’t get it?

  • Where do you live?
  • Why do you live there?
  • Who told you to live there?
  • Why do you live?

Does this exercise make any sense to you?

The thing about us is that we do not ask the right questions. We go through life like we always did, without looking left or right. We accept our birthday at the starting point of our age, even though we know, that we have existed weeks and month before that as well. The engine, our little hearth, was already pumping. What would you say if someone sells you a used car as a new one? You would complain! But with your own body you don’t care? This question makes no sense to ask, because it is like it is. But have you honestly thought about this question before? And if so, when was the last time you thought about this little problem in life? You don’t! Because that is a stupid question to ask!

I want you to start thinking differently. Sure, I could advise you to think “outside the box”, but honestly, that’s not creative thinking! That’s just widening the two dimensional space we are living in. But wait, isn’t there a third dimension? Why don’t you think “outside the space” or “outside your life”? Spend more time thinking about the simple things in life. It will not make life easier, but you will start to understand life better. The truth is, there is no truth. I can not write down a superficial spell that is opening up your mindset for you. But I can give you some hints and a bit of guidance to start asking the right questions yourself!

Today is about you! Stop wasting your time online and spend more time with yourself! And that’s not an offer, that’s an order! You will do it right now! No, I am serious! Stop reading this! Spend more time with yourself! NOW! Think! The only tool you will always carry around with you is yourself. You are always there! Therefore, why don’t you work on this? Why don’t you get to know yourself?

See you next time!

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