There is nothing wrong about writing down what you want. Don’t be shy! Just take a piece of paper and a pen, your phone, computer or whatever you want to take. Do you have to write it down? No, of course not! You can also draw a picture, create a photo collage or do whatever you want. But sure, this question was also asking something else. Yes, your goals should be defined somewhere outside your mind as well.

You have them in your mind? Great, but that’s not how we do things.

Take the time and write it down, think it through, define what you want. In the world of goal setting we can do a lot of things wrong. We have heard things like this. Goals need to be SMART, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound. And true, that is all helping us in order to achieve our goals, but is it really necessary? Do we really be that scientific all the time?

My personal opinion? No, we don’t!

But I need to explain. In life, there are different kinds of goals available. Long term goals vs. short term goals. Easy to achieve goals vs. hard to achieve goals. Expensive goals vs. inexpensive goals and the list goes on like this forever. From my point of view, we shouldn’t make life more complex than it already is. Instead, we should make life more easy. For me, this looks like this.

I haven’t written down my goals on paper, but created a photo collage. The closer the picture is located to the middle, the sooner I will reach it. Meaning, that I know exactly on what I need to focus without explaining everything in detail. For me, this makes just sense. I have build up this story around my goals and telling it to me every single day. It works, it is easy, the pictures help me to have a clear vision in my mind.

If you are asking me, you should do the very same thing! Today!

See you next time!

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