Some say that there are no limitations. And indeed, everything is possible. But again, everything doesn’t mean anything and of course not all of it at the very same time. At the beginning, we need to figure out what we want. We need to define the new direction in which we are about to go.

But how is this related to the topic of overestimation?

It is relevant, because it plays a major role in the big picture. Of course no mountain is too high for the ambitious mountaineers, but don’t forget about all the unlucky once that have lost their lives while trying. It is important to keep an open mindset, of course it is! But there needs to be some kind of a realism in what we are going to expect.

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It’s definitely a tricky topic, but you will understand what I mean. If someone says, he wants to be a millionaire until the end of the month, then well, how do people react to that? Right! And are they right? Most of the time they are! A goal can look like this, no doubt about that. But it’s not the thing we should aim for. It’s not enough to just wish for something until it becomes a reality. No, in fact, we need to do something. And if it is as easy as filling out the lottery ticket, then well, our input was still needed!

Your goals need to correlate with your current standpoint in life.

That doesn’t mean that there are limitations that can hold you back. No, you can reach everything! But there are temporary obstacles in life that we can hardly overcome. For example, you can’t start driving in the Formula One tomorrow without having your super license. Meaning that no matter how much money you want to invest, you can’t participate until you have made the steps that are needed. Things take their time, at work, at school, at home.

We all have different kind of personalities. Some are very aggressive and open, while others prefer a much more secretive life and enjoy getting underestimated. Independent from your unique personality, you should always consider this. How likely is it that an average person can reach the goal I have just set. And if the answer is quite dramatic, you should consider implementing the factor of time.

Knowing our limits doesn’t mean that they are our limits forever!

No, they are just temporary limits. Things that bother us today doesn’t need to bother us next year in that very same way. Why? Because we move on! We improve! But still, our goals need to be realistic. I am doing this blog project for over two years now. I have realized how difficult it is to gain attraction and therefore, aiming for 10.000 followers at the end of the year is just not realistic for the level of blogging that I do. Therefore, I should aim for a more realistic goal that is still quite an achievement. For example 1.000 followers.

This doesn’t mean that I need to forget the 10.000 figure after all, but I should push it back a bit and give myself the time that I actually need in order to do the right things that will lead this blog towards the 10.000 follower barrier.

Don’t overestimate yourself! You will get into trouble and most likely burn out!

See you next time!

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