Do your thing!

Life seems to be this well defined concept. There is a start and an end and especially the time in between that makes life to what it is. But what is it?

We grow up accepting the social norms and values of our environment. It’s our only chance to really understand what is going on and to become a part of our community. Some might say that we, ourselves become the miniature versions of our parents, relatives and friends but that is not always the case.

Over time we become adults and as life moves on, we tend to forget about asking the right questions. Sooner or later we find ourselves in this modern world we call life, without even noticing what we are about to do.

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We go to school, we study or learn a job and then work in order to build the house in which our future children will learn the very same stuff about life as we did. Every thirty or so years, the cycle repeats.


Why are we doing this? Hello?! Somewhere in there? This is crazy! Why are you doing this to yourself?

And indeed, the concept about life sounds crazy. It’s a game that doesn’t make any sense. Sure, we have this concept about the perfect life. But who tells us that this concept is right? Who tells us that this is what we have to do?

Moments like this let me wonder. Why do I do what I do? Why have I done what I did? Why is this whole word as it is? Who has come up with all of this? God? Honestly, no way! It was us! The people!

This life is yours! This life is for you! What you do with it is your choice! And don’t tell me that you have no choice! You have! Every day! Thousands of times! But will you change something? Will you break the norm? Will you do something different? Something outstanding?

Today is not about changing your life, today is about realizing what your life is. What are your social norms? What are your personal limitations? Where do you stand in life and where are you currently heading towards?

Thousands of way lead to rom, but still somehow it seems like we all follow the same path, the same route. Sure, it’s comfortable here and we know exactly were we are going. But is it your path to go? Is this your destiny?

Use this lovely Sunday and think! How does your life looks like and why does it look like it does?

See you next time!

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