When life is great, life is great. But once life isn’t great, we loose our minds.

It’s a fascinating thing to watch. Things do not work as planned, well, that’s life! But we? We are freaking out!

We do not even really need to experience a setback in life, the idea of experiencing one is more than enough to cause serious trouble. We are getting nervous, afraid, we loose our focus. But setbacks are a part of life. We all experience them! But how do we deal with it best?

Stay in control.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

What seems to be the impossible job is indeed something we can all learn. Whatever life is throwing at us big time, this doesn’t mean that we need to accept our faith. Life can become quite difficult! We all know that! But that doesn’t mean that it is all over. Sure, this battle is lost, but there will come another one.

It’s always easy to describe what we should do, when we are not personally effected. When I am looking back at the time at university, I was always freaking out before the exams. I was afraid of failing without any reason. I never failed any exam, but still, the treat felt real.

Life wants us to learn!

There is no secret formula towards dealing with setbacks. But there is one chance. The chance to learn and grow stronger!

See you next time!

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