Why is there always a difference between those two things?

With the end of my master program I am finally a complete engineer, but wait! Why do I still have so little knowledge about basically everything!? Hello!? Can someone help me? And indeed, studying engineering is only one part of the job. The other is called gaining experience.

In life, we are making too many plans. We think and think and think. But we do not even stop there. We also talk about our thoughts, over and over again. What we are missing? The actual process of doing something.

Photo by Djordje Petrovic on Pexels.com

We go to work and do our job. But how can we do our job when there are so many meetings all day long? Do you know what? I just need more time for the actual process of working! For getting stuff done! But the world doesn’t turn around me, right?

And so, I need to accept that things are getting done differently. I can not understand it! I can not support this approach towards things, but that’s how reality is. That’s the big problem in life!

We are the problem! All of us.

In theory it could be so easy. You don’t believe me? But it is! We just do our thing, our job! Day in, day out. We learn, we improve, we get better! We have fun doing what we do! We work together as a team! We get things done! We make the world a better place!

But reality is far away from that! Instead of working together, we fight against each other. Instead of making the best out of the situation, we blame others for what’s going wrong. Instead of seeing the problems and improving them, we do not even pretend to do such a thing. We are just drowning in this endless spiral down the hill.

Is that really it? Is that our faith? I will not accept that! I can not accept that! And so, I need to change things on the reality side of life. We all should do that!

See you next time!

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