I do it, you do it, we are all doing it.

When was the last time you really lived in the present moment? When was the last time you felt alive?

It starts slowly. Watching TV, eating, smoking, drinking, … , but sooner or later we build up this habit. We just do it. Again and again and again. We are seeking for a break. A place where we belong. A place where we can switch off our brains. Just for a couple of seconds!

This life is full of distractions. Social media, internet, you know how the game works. But it doesn’t even stop there. Everything we do can become a distraction.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

That’s confusing, isn’t it?

The thing is, that we are distracting ourselves too often. We want to enjoy life. We want to spend our time doing something fun. But once we can not have whatever we want, we are starting to look for alternatives. Bad alternatives, if you are asking me.

The solution? Spending more time with ourselves? Are you mad? Well, actually, that isn’t even such a bad approach! Indeed, we should spend more time with ourself. But that’s not even the point. The secret is the recognition of what we are doing.

Are we distracting ourselves from the problems and struggles in life? Are we distracting ourselves from the goals we have never reached? This life is about you. You can do whatever you want to do. But please, spend your time more wisely! Don’t just distract yourself from life and wait until the game is over.

See you next time!

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