#776² TIRED

How much sleep do we need?

Have you ever wondered if you are sleeping enough? But what is enough? How much is enough? Can we ever have enough sleep?

These days my sleep is just not particularly good. The reason? Stress! My body fights against the pressure. Things at work are good, but getting slightly out of hand. It’s the thing that I am not yet comfortable with the situation. I have not learned to switch off, to do not care and just do my job.

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

We all take the decisions for ourselves.

I could sleep more. I could work on my sleep. I could do so much. But why don’t I do it? Why do I still get up so early? Why do I stay a wake so long?

Our sleep is a good indicator for how things are in our lives.

Do we feel at home? Are we comfortable? Are we in control? How good is your sleep? Do you wake up feeling energetic and fresh?

Sleep is important. Recovery is important. Therefore, don’t be a fool! Don’t go through life tired! Go through life with the amount of sleep your body needs! And hey! That doesn’t mean that we all need the same amount of it. It is your body! Just ask yourself how much sleep you need!

See you next time!

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