An interesting idea can be everything. A new trend. A new sport. A new lifestyle. We should do things differently. Not just for the sake of changing the way we live, but primarily for the sake of giving us more opportunity to grow.

At school we learn to get numb. To follow the rules no matter what. But life itself isn’t a strict place after all. We think that everything is written in stone, but actually, it is not.

You can change the world! Literally. You can invent something new. You can improve something already existing. You can start a movement, found an organization, do what you love to do.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

A different approach doesn’t mean that you are wrong. A different approach doesn’t mean that you need to be successful right from the start. Doing things differently is this fussy process we need to get ready for.

Life is full of rules and techniques how to do stuff. But who told us that this way of living is the right one?

I have started to do things differently and was always successful with that! At school, at university, in my job. I do not know if we can call it a rule already. But looking at the way people are doing things and then just doing it differently works.

But where to start? I know the struggle. But it’s easy! You can start with something small. Pick whatever you want and then do it in the exact opposite way. This can of course become dangerous and life threatening. But doing things differently doesn’t mean that you have to switch off your brain entirely.

Just try a different approach! Just do the things differently!

See you next time!

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