We expect so much from life. But do we accept the truth about us? Let’s face it! We don’t particularly enjoy criticism. The truth? Honestly, we just blend it out!

Understanding who we are. Understanding what we do. Understanding why we do what we do.

Life gives us a chance. A chance to change. A chance to be. To be who we are.

But looking into the mirror? God does it hurt! The truth is, we don’t accept the truth. We don’t allow it to enter our life. We ignore. We blend out.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Probably we do not even want to hear it! The truth I mean. We know the truth about ourselves. We all know it! But we tend to forget. To look away.

Hey! Stop this nonsense! You are who you are! Your current situation in life? Only temporarily. We can all improve! We can all move on. But not by ignoring who we are.

My writing isn’t particularly good. The words I pick, the way I express myself. But I get a little bit better day by day. Post by post. In this life, we can reach all of our goals. But only, if we understand what we are still lacking. Only if we know about our weaknesses.

We need to stop looking away! Don’t look away! Don’t be a fool! You can change! You can improve! We all can!

See you next time!

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