We all play it, the game we call life. But the game is all about money, isn’t it?

When we were younger, we did not understand. Life was this ongoing party. Day in day out we just played, had fun, enjoyed life. Then, reality kicked in. School, university, work, you know the struggle.

When we grow up, life becomes more serious. Life becomes this ongoing sequence of events! Life becomes a fight. But a fight for what? The bigger house? The greener garden?

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When we grow up, we think that we have understood. But actually we have not. When we grow up, we think that all the others have understood. But actually, they haven’t understood it either.

Just have a look around and notice it yourself! Everything seems to be build upon money. Nobody is doing anything just for fun. No, we are chasing after dreams and goals that suck us deeper into this nonsense. We drown in our own misery.

We are looking for the peace we will never find. Chasing after the dreams that will not get us happiness. Doing what we think might be the right thing to do, but actually it might not be the right thing after all.

You can’t win life, but you can win life in the eyes of others. We can’t buy happiness, but crying in a Porsche feels so much better. This world isn’t all about money. We made it that way.

At the end of the day it will always be our decision. Do we want to participate and follow the rest? Or do we want to do our own thing? I don’t know what you are going to chose, but I don’t want the average life so many of us live.

Stop playing, start living.

See you next time!

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