After all those years. After all that time. Finally! The day has come! I have nothing more to say!

Doing this daily blog for years already, don’t you think that it is time for me to stop? Just for a couple of days or so? Come on! This blog isn’t that important, is it? You have hardly any visitors. You have hardly any traction. Let’s face it! This blog isn’t any good. This blog is a joke.

On days like these we can experience it all. We fail to get our mindset right. We can’t find our motivation. Do I have days like these? Actually, no, I do not. But talking about this publicly makes me feel bad. Why do I have this thing when others don’t? Where does it come from? Why me?

Photo by kira schwarz on Pexels.com

Do I really have nothing more to say? Of course not! But sometimes it would be better. It would make life easier, mine and yours.

789 days ago when I have started to write this blog, I had no idea where this project would lead me towards. The future? We can hardly predict anything. But predicting is the wrong approach after all. There is no need to predict, when we can also create!

Today we can create our tomorrow. No! Today is the day that makes tomorrow even possible.

I do this blog because I have to. You do not read this blog because you do not have to. Any questions left?

Nobody can stop me from doing this blog. Day after day after day.

See you next time!

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