#792² TO THE TOP ↑ – S1 E1 – START

About to start.

The top. Does it exist? When will we be there? How many more obstacles to overcome? How many more decisions to take? Can you already see it? The top? Is it close? Please tell me it is close!

We sleep, we work, we eat, we live. Our life, a mission. Our task, unknown. We have started our journey. We are…

… on our way.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

But when have we started to go into this direction and not into the other? Life itself is a game and it’s a game changer to always remember that. The start? We can’t even remember.

Is the starting point of something really that important? What does it matter when we have started? What does it change?

To the top.

It is out there, somewhere! We can get there! No, we will get there! In this new category we focus on this! Reaching the top! Join the mission! Come on board! It will be quite an adventure.

See you next time!

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