With the introduction of BLOG² I wanted to give the project something back. Something that it was missing. A new approach is always a good idea! Come on, that can never harm! It can’t get worse, can it? Well, apparently it can!

The statistic? A nightmare! The view readers I had, gone. That’s it! The end!

Well, that is just not who I am. Giving up? Doing something else? No chance! You don’t want to read this, fine, don’t read it. It is just not the right thing for you! But for me, this new BLOG² gives me something back. And that is time!

With me working full time now, time has become even more valuable. Especially if it is time in which I could do other things as well. A rational decision? A decision we would all take. The blog was never successful in terms of clicks or likes. But that was never the goal. This blog is for me. This blog is something that is supposed to make fun. Something that is supposed to be successful! And when it doesn’t? Well, then I am doing something wrong. And so, I changed it!

In life, but especially in the business world, situations change. New trends, new technologies, new competitors. A company needs to always move on and evolve! A company needs to invest into its future. And so, I have decided to do the very same thing!

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

I have reduced the time which I need to write the daily blog to a minimum. I did that, because I want to focus more on my other project. The book!

I do not make money with the blog and there is no intention to change that in the future. The blog is free and it will always be free. Earning money with the blog? Not a good idea! But earning money with a book? Well, at least the chances are much higher. This is a business case that I can live with.

Writing the blog is one thing, but for me as a perfectionist, I will never be satisfied. With the book, that is just something else. I can rewrite the stuff that I don’t like, over and over again. I can make it perfect! And that is what I want. I want to write a book that explains it perfectly. And if I have managed to do that, well, people will realize why they should have followed the blog from the beginning.

See you next time!

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