The pandemic is over! Or will it return?

Confusing times is the title, but confusing times describes precisely what we can experience. Indeed, there is a change in the air. Can you already notice? The crisis is coming! Just kidding of course, the crisis is already here!

What really strikes me is the fact that so many companies have survived. Honestly, I can’t understand how they did it. How did they do it? Being closed for month without an end. How is that even possible?

It is not supposed to be the best time for starting a company, but it is also not a good time to be an employee. The prices are going up! The inflation is going up! The taxes are going up! Everything is going up! But we can’t change it. We can’t do anything against it. I mean, we could, at least technically speaking. But why should we? Isn’t it very comfortable in here? Don’t we have everything we need already? Probably even more than we need?

Confusing times are interesting times. Times in which some doors are getting closed, sure, but others created, opened or reinvented.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Life goes on, it always does. But the last years should be a lesson to us all. We should learn from it. We should take with us, the sense for what is really important in life and what isn’t. I know, it sounds so horrible to say it, but it’s kind of the truth! We are too focused on the wrong things in life. We are chasing after dreams that do not even seem to be that important to us anyways.

800 days ago, life was good! Today, life is still good, but things have changed. To the better or the worse? That’s up to us to define. But it was time for a change! It was time for something new! I learned my lessons, did you learn yours?

See you next time!

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