With the introduction of BLOG² a couple of weeks ago, a lot has changed. Here on the blog as well as in other parts of my life. But the most important change is the new focus on my book. With just this one day left until my 800 days of daily blogging, it’s time to give you an update.

Yes, the book project is still a thing! Yes, I still love the concept of my book! Yes, I will finish it one day!

Writing a book doesn’t seem to make sense. Not for everyone else, but especially not for me. Come on, I do not even like books. What a lot people do not know about me is this, I hate books and I hate reading. WHAT!? What is wrong with you! You are writing a book and a daily blog!

I know, it must sound confusing. But it’s the truth! I was never into reading and I guess I will never be into it. It’s just not my thing! But why do I write a book then? A good question! Thank you for asking!

Photo by Dayan Rodio on Pexels.com

I write this book because I want to give the world something back. Ohhhhhh, such a cliché! But stop laughing, it’s the truth! I want to give something back. I want to help! I want to do my part.

With the time investment for the blog decreasing, the book gets finally a little more attention! It was the right step to take! It will help me and you!

Well, do you have any questions? Someone? Anyone? No? Well, ok. Then that’s it.

I work on the book project for over two and a half years now. When will it be finished? I don’t know yet, but definitely not this year. It’s not that easy to do what I have in mind. It’s not just the process of typing. It demands focus and concentration, learning and improving, testing and redoing it all over again.

The idea is good, the potential of success a question of my definition of success and that’s why the project can not even fail. I do this because I want to do it. That’s it!

Stay tuned for more! Stay tuned for the times when I will start telling you a little bit more!

See you next time!

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