The one thing I hate is obviously wasting my time.

“This is a waste of time! Come on! Drive! Move! Get out of my way!” Wasting time is one of the most painful experiences I can imagine. I don’t know why it triggers me, but hell it does.

I have this ongoing issue for weeks! I can’t do sport, I can’t do racing, I can’t do anything, really! I just sit there all day long getting fat! If you have only 5 things in life that you do, but can’t do three of them, God, life is a mess.

Honestly, I can’t stand it any longer! This thing has to end! Some way or the other!

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But wasting time is a matter of perspective. We all do different things in life for different reasons. As long as we do not know your reasons, whatever you might do can pretty much look like a waste of time. Just take my blog here for example. For me its just a time commitment I have made, for others it’s a total waste of time and money.

Do I have to calm down? To relax more? To stop dreaming so big?

I guess the answer is undoubtedly yes. I am too focused on tomorrow or the day after that. Instead, I should live in the present moment. We all should!

Wasting time? Sometimes it’s a good thing!

When was the last time you have enjoyed a complete day? For me, I try to enjoy every day! Sure, that’s the goal! But really enjoying it? I don’t know. Never?

Wasting time is an attitude. We all do it! But it’s not necessarily a bad thing after all. It depends on how you feel while wasting your time. I for my part just hate it. I don’t want to sit around here any longer! I want to do something. Well, can’t you just do a bit more today for me? Thanks!

See you next time!

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