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We go there, we work, we have a break, we continue working, we go home. Oh, right, and of course we are getting paid for that.

Treating time for money, what an awesome idea!?

But how genius is this idea really? We spend our whole life working. Day in, day out. But why do we do it? Why do we work? What drives us? What gets us out of the bed in the morning?

Is it the money? Is it the position in the hierarchy? Is it the kind of work that we love so much? Is it the reputation that comes with the job?

People treat their time for money. Really, that is what is going on. But that this is of course nonsense, should be clear to all of us. Wasting our time for money? Just doing it because we have to? No, that’s the wrong mindset.

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Sorry to say, but this doesn’t make any sense. We are all going to leave this place one day. Ciao! Adios! Game over! That’s it! Have you spend your time wisely? Did you do what you love? Did you do what you always wanted to do? Or have you worked like a mad man or woman earning money the hard way?

That’s the point where I should start with the life coaching scam, right? But this is not such a blog. I do not say that we shouldn’t go to work, hey, even I go to work. But the mindset is more important than we think.

The mindset is everything.

Do you go to work loving what you do? Do you get up in the morning with a smile on your face looking forward to the most awesome day at work? I know, life is supposed to be hard and all of the other nonsense ideologies we have in mind. But that doesn’t make any sense, right?

Figure out why you do it! Find something that you love. Enjoy!

See you next time!

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