The new iPhone 13, the best they ever made, bla bla bla...

There might be only two kinds of people in this world. The Apple fans and the haters. The only question left, on which side are you?

Apple has done it in the past, apple will do it in the future. Their business intelligence, mind blowing. But let’s have a closer look.

I was never one of those apple fanboys. The reason? The apple world wasn’t compatible with Microsoft. How stupid that was, at least for me as the customer. For apple it was of course one of their best decisions ever taken.

Why have I changed my mind? Why have I become an apple fan boy myself? The truth is quite simple. I had enough from those low quality phones and computers that hardly survive two years of intensive using. And so, I got the old iPad 2 from my mom, which is still in use every single day. Next I changed to the latest iPhone back in 2016. The iPhone 7, which I still use ever since. Oh, and of course I bought a MacBook Pro for university and my writing projects in 2019.

But of course this post is not about recruiting other people to buy apple products. Today, we want to understand how it works. How can they afford such high prices and still sell all of their phones?

Photo by Mediamodifier on Pexels.com

It’s quite simple. Apple doesn’t sell phones, computers or whatever you want. What you buy at apple is a promise, a lifestyle, a way of living. You buy the feeling of being a part of the club.

The new iPhone is a good phone, don’t get me wrong on that. But isn’t it a bit pricy? A bit expensive? They can ask for such high prices because the phones are worth the money? Not in comparison with their quality, the competitors or the functionality, but because they are worth the money on the market.

The brand has build up an unbeatable reputation. If you don’t want to be a part of this, fine! But if you do, you have to pay, no, actually you are even willing to pay. You are looking forward to getting your next phone, computer or whatever it is.

Are iPhones really that expensive? Well, just look at my current phone. Of course I have paid nearly 1.000 € for it in 2016. But I have also used it for over 5 years already and it is still worth something. Is 1.500 € too much for the new iPhone? The answer is quite simple, no! There can never be a price too high. There is always a free market that writes its own rules. Just look at Porsche 911’s, or house prices for example. Supply and demand! That’s all.

The new iPhone is good! But if you already have a relative new iPhone, I don’t see the point in changing. For me with my old-timer, the iPhone 7, making the change would mean a huge step forward. A step I might want to take.

See you next time!

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