We should go through life knowing exactly what we want. We should work on our goals 24/7. But sometimes we loose our hopes and dreams from sight. We drown in our busy everyday life. We start to wonder, to worry, to struggle, to question our ambitious goals. We start to slow things down, heading into a different direction.

The need to reflect should never be a scheduled task. We are not supposed to reflect on point or on time, doing this might lead to a misunderstanding of things. No, instead, we should reflect more honestly, more natural, more relaxed.

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Life can offer difficult challenges. Life can become this absurd and sad thing we are all afraid of. But life can also be this most awesome place to be.

For me personally, reflecting is one of the most powerful tools I have. I do something, I reflect on in, I try a better attempt, I reflect again, and after a couple of loops, actually, it’s not that bad anymore! I have improved, learned my lessons, figured out what suits me best.

We do already know how important reflecting is, but still not many of us tend to use it. A complex technique is not always the key to success, no, instead, it’s the simple things that make the difference.

See you next time!

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