#812² SPORT

We all do it. We all love it!

At least that’s what our society suggest. What? You do not go for a run every freaking morning? What? You do not wear fancy colored sportswear in the gym? What? You do not have a workout routine?

Life can be so exhausting.

We always have to do things. Go running, get a six pack, loose weight! But is that A: what we want? And B: what we really should do?

Moving our bodies is generally speaking, a good idea. Use it or loose it! We all know that! But the way we are looking at sport these days, honestly, it feels so wrong! We are doing things way too intensely! We want to much!

Going into the extreme is just what I do! I can’t stop it! I can’t step back! I can’t accept average results. No, instead I have to step over the line, all the time!

Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

Sport is good for us, but only to a certain extent!

Where is the limit? Where do we have to draw the line? When does it get out of hand? Questions not many people really ask themselves. We go through life with an idea in mind, about what seems to be just perfectly fine. And so, we do what we always did!

That our bodies feel better being in shape, is needles to say. We have all experienced that! But do we do the right things? Do we focus on the right training?

For years I am interested in the world of sports, but still, I haven’t found the perfect mixture of things. No, actually, there are coming new trends, new insights, new methods and techniques.

What we have to learn in between all those marketing campaigns is this. We need to feel comfortable doing what we do. We need to enjoy the process. We need to find our rhythm. We need to find our pace.

Is doing sport mandatory? Yes! But not every sport is suitable for everyone. Find the sport that you like, that you can do, that makes you feel good. And once you have found it, you will see, sport is awesome!

See you next time!

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