I know that I have always something else. A knee problem here, a skin problem there. But what really strikes me here is the fact that I always have something else! How is that even possible!? Why me!? This life is so unfair!

I had two weeks of vacation, but only one is left. Time in which I could have followed my passion, practiced on the simulator, doing sport, meeting friends! But hey, no, let’s better have this fucking problem for nearly two month already…

Fuck you problem! Honestly!

We are supposed to stay calm, to reflect, to wait until things are getting better! But what the hell!? This feels just wrong! How can I stay calm when this fucking thing is destroying my complete life!? Ok, maybe that was a bit too much. But honestly, what the fuck!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

This is directly to my problem! Fuck you!

How am I supposed to reach my goals when I can’t even move!? And what makes things even more worse, why isn’t it getting better? Why does it feel worse day by day! Honestly, I can’t stand this any longer. I need to move, I need to walk, I need to do sport, I need to drive cars! This is hell! This is torture!

And therefore, no productive blog post today. Instead just me complaining about this nonsense! Fuck you life!

See you next time!

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