#818² LISTEN

Hey you! Listen! Stop looking out of the window!

A daydream at school, university or at work? We have all been there. We can hardly listen to everything all the time. Humans do not work like that! We get distracted! We have other things to think about.

Have you ever truly listened to somebody? Your partner, family or friends? Have you been there right in the moment, absorbing each and every word of what they have said? I mean, is that even possible? Listening, I mean.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

When we have a conversation with one single person, we do not just listen to what that person has to say, right? No! We don’t do that. Instead, we already start to think about our next answer. About what we could contribute to the conversation. And so, it’s not just the other person talking, no, we talk to ourself simultaneously.

But we should listen more careful!

In this modern world, millions of impressions reach us every day. Social media, TV, radio, podcasts, the news, you name it. How are we supposed to absorb all of that? Fun fact, we are not! Every single day we get better in filtering out. Listening without actually listening. That’s what our society suggests. But that can hardly be the solution!

No! Let’s stop this nonsense. Why don’t we make it a habit to actually listening to somebody? Of course not forever, but why don’t we try with an hour long conversation? Is that really too much to ask for? That people in a conversation actually start to listen?

Make this world a better place! Live your life more actively.

See you next time!

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