It sounds funny, but I have already listened to podcasts way back in time when they weren’t even socially accepted. These days, of course we are all listen to podcasts all day long, right? I mean this is the trend of the last two years. Literally everyone has a podcast!

I do not have the numbers of course but from what I see or rather hear, the quality of the podcasts seemed to went down pretty quickly once the number of new entrances grew exponentially. It’s no wonder, that is just how it goes. The louder you are, the more people will hear you. But if whatever you are saying does even make any sense? Well, not many people seem to care about that! And so, I guess we just have to live with this.

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But of course not everything was perfect in the past. For example you had a really tough time finding the right podcasts for you. You could find some, but not many. These days you can find millions of them, but not all are any good. And so we have to do what we always need to do in this awesome 21st century. We have to filter out the important and high quality stuff from all that nonsense that is out there. There are literally tons of podcasts about just that one particular topic we are interested in, but still, the most of them seem to be rubbish!

Well, I guess this is the point where I need to turn the page around and tell you how awesome podcasts are and indeed they are awesome after all. But it depends on your personality and what you do all day long.

Podcasts make my life more easy, more productive, more entertaining.

For me, podcasts are an essential part of my life. I do not particularly enjoy reading and therefore I do not really do it, oh and of course I do not really have a lot of time. Therefore I started to implement the process of listening to podcasts into my daily life whenever I could in order to learn more without actually doing more. This doesn’t sound like an effective approach and I wasn’t sure if it would work after all. But let me tell you this! It’s not just the feeling of doing something in a more productive way, for example practicing on the racing simulator and learning something about the topic of interest, but you also learn so much about yourself and life and the way things are supposed to be.

Podcasts are great when you are listening to the right ones! But first we have to find them! And that’s the tricky part! Well, not really, we can just google them! Sure, google knows much, but as you will figure out, not everything. And therefore, you really have to try them! After 10 minutes you will already know. Is this something for you or not? But those 10 minutes will be gone!

My tip?

Start to listen to something for 10 minutes. If it is good, keep on listening. If it is bad, start another episode and try it again. If the next 10 minutes will still feel like a waste of time, move on to a different podcast.

Pro tip.

If the podcast starts of with a couple of minutes of commercials, you will know that at least a lot of people are listening to it. Sure, this doesn’t tell us if it’s any good, but at least it tells us that there are people behind the project that want to make money with it. And that is at least a sign for good content with people actually thinking about what they are doing.

My top three?

“Alte Schule” for the best German speaking podcast about the good old motorsport and car culture of the past.
“The Tim Ferriss Show” for deep talks, improvement and learning.
“Stuff you should know” for light entertainment and learning.

See you next time!

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