God, I missed it!

With my little problem holding me back from a “normal life”, it felt just awesome to being back on the virtual track and racing cars at their limit. I mean, driving my little hybrid Audi to the supermarket is cool, but just not the same. Trust me, once you understand how fast you could go, driving “normal” on public roads is just not that desirable any longer.

Am I still fast?

Race car driving is like learning a language. You don’t forget the basics, but need a while to get back into the rhythm. I am not saying that I am anywhere close to the top already, but comparing my todays skills with my level two or three years ago, well, I never thought that I could get that quick.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s interesting to see how we are always able to improve in everything that we touch in life. But in sim racing in particular, it feels so easy to keep track of your performance and where you are currently standing. You have the lap times, you have all the data of the car, you have statistics about basically everything.

But it’s not just the actual process of driving in which you improve, it’s also your mindset and the way your awareness changes. You see things differently, you react differently, you can change your focus and have more time to think about the details.

Life without the adrenalin kicking in is just not the same. I guess I am already addicted. But well, it is how it is. Do you know what? It’s time for me to get back behind the wheel.

See you next time!

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