Can you tell us what you want?

Do you have a list? Have you written it down? Yes, great! Then you are already one step ahead of 99% percent of the people out there. Of course I was just guessing this number, in the end it’s way less people.

Don’t tell us what you need, tell us what you want.

People confuse this all the time. Our mindset is limited, especially at the beginning. For us, it is hard to differentiate between today and our future. We always develop a need for what we do not have and think that we need it. But today is not about what you need, it’s about what you want. You don’t understand? No problem, I will make this clear.

Photo by Jan Kopu0159iva on Pexels.com

Do you want the car or do you need the car? Do you get it, park it somewhere underground and be happy for having it? Or do you want to drive through town, getting the looks and enjoying getting seen? Is the car just a marketing tool that you need in order to show others who you want to be, or is it the car what you want? People go through life developing a desire for what they need, but often times this is not what they want.

You can have both, things that you want and or need.

But it’s important to understand your motivation. Because we have a hard time staying put to the plan, investing the time, money and energy, once something is not really what we want, but probably something we need or think that we need it.

Write down what you want! Write down who you want to be. Become who you always wanted to become.

See you next time!

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