Oh come on, is that even necessary? Of course the phone is good! But how good is it really? Do you need one? Can I recommend it? Well, let’s get to it.

Coming from the iPhone 7, the new evolution of the iPhone feels like something that is not supposed to exist! It’s just so much better in basically everything! But no wonder, the technology has evolved over time. Better chips, better batteries, better screens, better everything.

What I love?

Everything is just so easy to use. From the unlocking process of the screen to the way it opens apps and loads websites. Whatever you want to do, the phone is over performing. But we are expecting this of course for so much money! Well, what I didn’t expect is how good the camera is! Sure, I have no clue about taking pictures and stuff, but after taking a couple of pictures in the garden, well, I was surprised! But take a look for yourself!

That’s stunning! Compared to the pictures my old iPhone 7 was taking, this is at least a thousand times better. Everything is so sharp and perfect. But sure, they already said how good it is, I just didn’t want to believe it. Taking those pictures made fun! Well, maybe I will do that more often, we will see.

Well, that all sounds wonderful. But doesn’t a normal phone work as well? And only true answer is of course yes! A normal phone does all of that as well, maybe not as good but very close. The truth is, you don’t buy the iPhone 13 because you want the best device on the market. You buy the iPhone13 because you want the iPhone 13.

And with that said, it’s just a marketing show. Do you get the message and want to be a part of the club or not? Well, I didn’t wanted to be a part of the club, but the newest iPhone. And that says it all. It works. Their marketing works. And sure, compared to my Samsung phone from work, the iPhone is a couple of steps ahead of time.

See you next time!

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