Yes, I did it! Finally! I allowed myself to take a rest from blogging! I wasn’t writing for 5 consecutive days. You haven’t realized it, have you? Of course not! The posts got published automatically of course, but that’s not even the point! The point is, you do not read this anyways.

Taking a break?!

Photo by Davis Sanchez on Pexels.com

We all need a break sometimes. From work, from the family, from the partner, from friends, from hobbies, from life. And so, it’s just natural to have a break from blogging as well. After more than two years, actually, it was time. Yes, you have heard right! What seems to be normal for you is just not normal for me. A day without writing feels like a wasted time.

Daily blogging is cool, don’t get me wrong on that. But it’s not everything. Especially if you write an unsuccessful one that doesn’t get wrong. People ask me how I motivate myself. The truth is this, nobody asks. But if they would, they could actually learn something.

My secret power? Endless motivation.

I can endure things. I can make myself suffer. I push through. Whatever it takes. But it’s not just that. I am also fighting this race. Every single day feels like a fight. A fight for an improvement. And these days I really have to learn a lot. The struggling, just a part of me feeling good. An addiction.

I survived the week without blogging. But God does it feel good to be back at the Mac. Blasting out my strange thoughts and sharing them with my non existent readers.

See you next time!

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