Life is how it is. We do what we do. The time is running away.

Life itself is a game, can be a game, might be a game. It is what we do that defines who we are, who we become, how we will be remembered. We sleep, we eat, we drink, we breath. We do so many things. We care, we worry, we struggle, we fail. It’s all a part of the game. It’s all a part of who we are.

We go through life accepting the status quo. We take things for granted. This is how it always was. This is how it will be forever. There are good moments and there are bad moments. There are moments we enjoy and moments we regret. There are moments full of love and moments full of hate. Whatever we feel, we feel it.

Photo by Anni Roenkae on Pexels.com

Does life make any sense? Does life have to make any sense?

Our life is an illusion. We perceive the world differently. Our eyes, our brain, our personality, our knowledge, all of these things define who we are and how we look at this world. The illusion is real. But life can hardly be an illusion. The illusion is us. We are the once with the dreams and hopes. We are the once that are looking for more.

The illusion is real. It’s us who define how life will be.

See you next time!

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