Don’t take life too serious.

We have goals to reach, sure! We have to practice, all right! But please, by all means, don’t forget to have fun. There were times in my life when I practiced too hard. My ambitions are high, of course they are, but not enjoying the process will sooner or later cause major issues in everybody’s life.

When I am driving on the simulator I feel free. I feel at home.

I always believed that hard work is the only way towards success. I always thought that I have to do more in order to become excellent. I thought that I have to suffer, that life is supposed to be like that. Today, well, I am of course a couple of years older. I have finally understood. A good practice session is not defined by how much you suffered! A good training session is defined by how effective it is.

Photo by Padli Pradana on Pexels.com

Of course we have to take life serious on some days, but definitely not on all of them. Therefore, there is nothing against drifting around on the track from time to time. In fact, you will become even better by practicing new skills and widen up your horizon. But it took me years to understand it. Life is about having fun!

See you next time!

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