#836² TO THE TOP  ↑ – S1 E3 – CONTINUITY

Being rich, being poor, it’s just the reflection of your past years.

Life is an attitude. We can be whoever we want to be. But why so many of us fail? Continuity.

We have all heard about saving money. We are all doing it. But why does it seems like there are some of us having more success than others? Is it the job those people have? The mindset? The lifestyle?

In the end it is all of that combined. It’s the complete picture! It’s every single decision in our lives so far.

But nevertheless, it’s not just the perfect attitude that you might have figured out today, it’s the continuity of this very attitude, that you have to carry out for days, weeks, months, years and of course decades.

Photo by Kulbir on Pexels.com

Pick whatever topic you like. If you spend 10 minutes every single day, of course you will improve. Of course you will get better in it. Of course you will become successful one day! That’s not a secret nobody knows about, no! It’s just how life works.

If you have the habit of spending more than you earn, well, you will not be able to accumulate any money. That’s a fact. But still there is a difference between having money or having some money. What people do not understand is that money is just a story we tell ourselves. It’s a piece of paper. Not more and not less. It is what we think about it, that makes this piece of paper so valuable. But there are other things in life that are as valuable and even more valuable then money.

The way to the top is a great journey to take! But where is the top exactly? Is there just one top? One highest mountain in the sky? Or are there multiple peaks, all standing for a different perspective on life?

Whatever you want to reach, you have to keep on going! Work for your goals every single day! And if you do that, well, success is the only thing that can come out of the equation.

See you next time!

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