There is nothing against a good idea!

We can all have ideas! Good, bad, funny, sad, expensive, inexpensive, crazy, normal or whatever else we can imagine. An idea is by definition something that doesn’t have to follow any rules. It’s just something we can come up in our head. A thought, a combination of different experiences, simply put, an idea.

Do we have ideas! Sure, at least sometimes! But do we have enough ideas? Well, I am not so sure about that! Of course we try! We think! We wander around trying to imagine what will come next. But is that really all we can and should do?

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

Having ideas is an attitude. It’s a lifestyle! It’s a way how we can go through life.

The more ideas we have, do more likely it is that we will come up with something clever! And therefore, we should have lot’s of ideas! Hundreds, thousands, millions of them! The sky isn’t the limit! Actually, there is no limit!

You have a good idea? Well, make it a great idea!

See you next time!

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