Still writing. Still hustling. Still keep moving forward.

The exciting thing about a daily blog is the daily struggle. Can you imagine? I am doing this blog for 839 days in a row already. Wow! Sometimes I forget about that. Time is flying, you know? I am 26 years old already and as it seems, the weeks blend perfectly into each other. In some 75 days it is already Christmas and then the end of 2021 is just a matter of time.

But the blog life is good. The blog life is fine!

I do my thing. I learn, I improve, I reach my goals. Sure, the blog could have more readers, but that’s not even what I want. This is just me typing. You can read it, sure! But you can also ignore it. It can help you keep on moving forward, but it can also frustrate you, seeing what it takes. I didn’t enjoy life well in the last couple of years. I was studying, I was learning, I had to make sacrifices. But now? Well, I don’t even want to step back from my pace. No! I want to keep on going! Pushing through.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Pexels.com

The funny thing about writing a daily blog is that you develop a new sense of time. In the beginning, I remembered all of my posts. But soon that was about to change! Well, today I do not even know which post I posted today. I am already five or so posts ahead. Is that a good thing? We could argue about it! But at least it does make life easier. I can write whenever I have the time for it. But I can also just focus on something else, doing what I also like and enjoy.

Today is a Sunday. I woke up early, have written yesterdays post and went on a drive. Just me, the car and the road. Well. I don’t have my Porsche yet, therefore I was just rolling around in the Audi. And of course not just for fun, but in order to give the petrol engine some time to get used to burning fuel again. The engine of the car wasn’t running in the last two month because I drive purely electric on the short distance trips to the supermarket and back, therefore I didn’t want the engine to spring back into life on an empty early morning Autobahn heist.

I guess now that I am finally finished with studying and work, money seems to be the most important thing in the world. Sure, it isn’t, but it’s interesting to see how much money I could earn otherwise, not writing this blog but using the time for something else. Well, who knows, maybe I will earn some money with this project some day. Some magical day when people will realize how genius I am. Ok, just kidding! I am not genius, I am rather hard working and very ambitious.

The secret to having a blog is doing a blog. A lot of people talk about it, but only a couple of them can keep up with the pace. Enjoy the weekend!

See you next time!

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