The secret is just this, keep on going.

No matter how hard, no matter which time. The secret isn’t even a secret. We all know that this is the only way! That this is how life is supposed to be. We have been talking about this topic for too often already, but still, somehow, we tend to forget. We loose the track of our goals. We loose the focus.

Two years ago I was looking for more. I wanted to live life my own way. Two years later, I have learned a lot. Really! I have! I have evolved! I have improved! I became a different person. But well, I haven’t arrived!

In real life, people can not endure things. They give up. Stop! Change their goals and behaviors. We all do it! Even I have some days when I just don’t feel it. I stand there puzzled, asking myself what the fuck I am even doing here. But then I just remember why I live this life. I remember what I want to do and then, yes! I just do that!

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

I keep on going like a hamster on drugs without the need for drugs.

But I guess the feeling is the same. The moment we realize what life is all about. Those moments are the best. We remember, we live in the present moment, we feel accomplished.

You have been reading this so far and actually it feels good that someone is reading this. But keep on going doesn’t necessarily mean to keep on going reading my stuff. No! It’s about time for you to start making the right changes!

We all have a mission in life. We all have to suffer, to win, to enjoy and to be sad and feeling miserable. But today shouldn’t be one of those bad days! Today should be one of the good days! The awesome days!

I don’t want to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your life, but if I could, well, I would want you to change to the positive! I want you to stop chasing after the wrong goals in life and finally see the world in a different view.

Keep on going means to keep on going. You don’t necessarily need to know where you have to go. You can just walk. Sure, it might be easier with a destination in mind, but actually, we never know where this life will lead us.

Today is your day! Make the best out of it and keep on going!

See you next time!

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