I see it all the time. People crash.

A lack of talent? The road made an unexpected turn? The real reasons why people crash are obvious. But still, the internet is full of hate comments. Just recently a poor guy crashed at the Nordschleife directly after entering the open section.

But the question should never be who’s fault it was. Not everyone has spend thousands of ours driving cars. Therefore the question should rather sound like this. How can we prevent those things from happening again?

Studying mechanical engineering? Sure! A very time consuming option, but unfortunately being an engineer doesn’t necessarily make you a good driver. In fact, it might even hinder you. So, what else can we do? The solution? Learn drifting on the simulator.

What? On the simulator? That isn’t real! You don’t feel anything! What is wrong with you!!!!

I know! But calm down, this is exactly what we want! The simulator has one huge advantage! Which one? We can focus on our different senses! We have all “heard” that blind people can hear better. And it’s the truth! Therefore I did something differently! Driving blind? Ha! No, but I practiced driving under different circumstances.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Without sound, without force feedback, on slippery roads. The process of driving a car has nothing to do with whatever you have learned at the driving school. Driving a car at its limit is an art form. It’s the harmonization of the whole process. Where you look, how you steer, what your feet are doing, what you hear, what you feel.

On the simulator you can get crazy. You can play around. You can learn, try and fail.

Once you understand the process and have done it thousands of times, you will be able to catch the car automatically without even thinking about it. But sure, you just want to be fast and not a drifter, I know! But once you step over the limit, well, you better know what to do.

See you next time!

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