Honestly, I have no clue about algorithms, but apparently they don’t work.

Isn’t it fascinating? We are living in this modern age with all those mega technologies around us. Self-driving cars, online banking, you name it. But those algorithms? I am actually not so sure where to put them.

Or am I the only one wondering?

We have all heard about the rumors. Smartphones are listening to our conversations, apps tracking our movements and social media creates profiles of us. The consequences? Personalized commercials and product placements. But WTF!? Why does it work so badly? Why do I get the wrong commercials all the time?

On YouTube I get the commercials about buying a used iPhone!? What the hell!? I bought the new iPhone 13 weeks ago, don’t they know? Well, apparently they don’t know! And so it continues. I get commercials for vegan products made out of gluten, when in fact I am not vegan but gluten free!? What?!?!? I mean they were close, true! But sometimes the details make all the difference.

Photo by Antonio Batiniu0107 on Pexels.com

Well, but at least I get the content on social media that I love? Damn it, here we go again! I am Porsche fan! Everybody knows! But my social media doesn’t. Sure, there are some Porsches here and there, but there are also all the other brands. Why? I don’t know! Maybe they are paying more than Porsche? But anyways.

Maybe I am expecting too much. Maybe the technology is not yet ready. Well, we will see! But for now, I just don’t enjoy getting customized commercials that are not actually fit me and my lifestyle. Sure, it’s good for me and my bank account because I will not buy any vegan food that consists out of gluten no matter how many commercials they will send my way.

But I have to calm down. It is how it is! Maybe one day it will work! Until then, I rather don’t go online anyways.

See you next time!

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