Nobody said it would be easy.

And honestly, it isn’t. But it doesn’t have to be hard either. The mindset makes the difference, but we will get to that. The secret about daily blogging is? Right. It’s writing. It’s you spending a lot of time in front of a computer typing.

But having a daily blog doesn’t mean that you have to write every day.

You will write a lot, sure! But there is no need to write everyday. Especially if you can’t stand the pressure like I do. In the beginning, the daily habit of writing was and still is the way to go. But very stressful, believe me! Soon, you will write at least one day ahead. It feels way better, for sure! But still, it’s not the end of the rainbow, unfortunately! With me working full time now, this concept wouldn’t work. And so I changed everything once again. Now writing up to 6 days ahead of time.

It’s the responsibility you will feel. You have to keep on going! Weekends, holidays, the time doesn’t know those earthy things. The only thing that matters? The next post in 24 hours or less. The race around the clock! Twice, if you want to be precise. If you do not deliver on point, you are done! Finished! Go home!

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And so you have to write no matter what. Is it easy to keep on going? For people like me it is. But if you do not be the one in control, well, fuck! You will feel miserable! You will develop this desire to stop! You will have to fight the urge to stop! You will have to defend your idea, your concept of the blog, basically everything! You will question everything, believe me! And with everything, I mean everything.

But having a daily blog is the best thing you can do! It will help you to grow! To learn! To improve! Your blog will be a life changer. Not necessarily for all of your readers, but at least for you! And if we are really honest with ourselves, 4th the end of the day this is the only thing that matters!

848 days ago I had no clue about what I was doing. I just started this thing knowing only so little about life and blogging and everything. Today I am much wiser. Today I know the reason why? Well, not exactly, but I am closer!

Daily blogging is the best idea I ever had! And so, if there is one thing I could recommend you to do it is this, start having your own daily blog. It doesn’t matter if it’s public like mine or personal. Just do it! You will not regret it!

Reflection is key!

See you next time!

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