A simple question to ask. But it implies something, doesn’t it? Do you experience a need for meditating in your life? Are you stressed out? Out of balance? Are you close to loosing it or have already lost it?

It’s an interesting topic to think about. Four years ago I experienced a need to meditate. I tried to calm myself down. But did it help? Not very much to be honest. Today, I understand it better. Today I guess I have understood.

Photo by nicollazzi xiong on Pexels.com

Living in the 21st century our process of thinking got very analytic and cold. We evaluate our options. Compare different possibilities and try to get the most out of our resources. But when it comes to the topic of meditating we get one thing wrong all the time.

Not the actual process of meditating is important but our life before and after it. We are so focused on meditating that we don’t see the forest for the tress. Meditating isn’t the goal, it’s getting back in balance. And meditating is just one type of exercise in order to achieve that.

Therefore, if you meditate in the right way, you don’t even have to meditate any longer. Job done, goal reached. But it’s not that easy to understand. It takes years of meditating to get there.

Meditation 4.0 isn’t the uncomfortable meditation experience we have all tried some day or another. No! It’s the 21st century approach towards reaching our goals. Getting back in control!

Welcome to the season 5 of meditation 4.0!

See you next time!

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